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Tree Trimming and Services in Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin

Tree Trimming Waukesha

Burns Tree and Landscaping, a WI Arborist ensures the highest tree care standard for our customers, and we promise to put your needs first. Your trees and property are in the hands of well-trained tree care professionals. Turn to us for your entire tree trimming and landscaping design and maintenance needs, call us for a FREE ESTIMATE at 262-970-9092.

Professional Tree Services Waukesha Wisconsin

Tree Services Waukesha

Burns Tree and Landscaping offers a full array of tree services throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding areas to help your vision become a reality. Whether its commercial or residential poroperty, we have trained and experienced staff to properly get the job done right. We offer free estimates so you know exactly what will need to be done and what it will cost.

List of Tree Services

  • ✦ Tree Trimming
  • ✦ Tree Removal
  • ✦ Tree Inspections
  • ✦ Tree Pruning
  • ✦ Cabling and Bracing
  • ✦ Fertilization and Care
  • ✦ Insect and Disease Management
  • ✦ Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Care Services by Burns Tree & Landscaping in Waukesha

When you need an experienced tree expert and tree care, Burns Tree and Landscaping is Waukesha's premier tree service company. We understand your trees are an important investment, no matter whether they are located at your home or business. This is why we take the time necessary to only offer you the best tree solutions posible. You will be amazed at the quality and care we deliver.

Residential & Commercial Tree Care Services

Burns Tree and Landscaping has been in business for many years and we have provided superior tree service for many homeowners and businesses throughout Waukesha and southeastern Wisconsin. We are trained arborists and know our stuff. Don't just hire someone solely based on price, only hire the experts with the right experience and education to protect your trees and yard.

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Burns Tree Care Services in Waukesha Wisconsin

Tree Trimming by Burns Tree Trimming Service in Waukesha Wisconsin

Tree Trimming Waukesha

Burns Tree & Landscaping takes pride in helping you keep your landscape maintained on a regular basis. Our fully-equipped and experienced staff is prepared to neatly and routinely trim your trees and hedges, remove dangerous or unnecessary tree branches, and perform scheduled cleanup and maintenance on your property to keep it looking its best so you always have the most beautiful looking yard in the neighborhood. Burns Tree & Landscaping has teams available to accommodate customers at a moment's notice, or you can schedule routine landscape maintenance so you don't ever even have to think about it.

Experience makes a difference in Tree Trimming

Burns Tree and Landscaping is a highly experienced tree trimming company who services southeastern Wisconsin. We have studied how to optimize the health of many trees by correctly trimming and pruning the tree. Tree trimming is not just about cutting limbs and branches, it is an art and only a professional tree trimming arborist should do this. Tree trimming is necessary to improve the crown of the tree and cleaning out, elevating and reducing the crown to strengthen and improve the appearance of the tree.


Waukesha Professional Tree Trimming Services by Burns Tree Trimming Wisconsin

Waukesha Professional Tree Trimming Services

Burns Tree Trimming is a reputable company serving southeastern Wisconsin for over 30 years. Our expertise is tree services and tree trimming. We look forward to tackling difficult tree trimming jobs and smaller tree trimming jobs as well. Whether you have a home or business, Burns Tree Trimming can ensure your trees are pruned and trimmed to create a healthier more vibrant tree.

Tree trimming can help your tree with thinning the crown, removing dead wood, reducing obstacles from storm damage, raising the canopy, vista pruning and disease control.

Having your Trees Trimmed by a Professional Arborist

Tree trimming is the cutting of specific branches from a tree which increases its growth and ensures the tree remains healthy. Tree trimming and pruning should be done at least yearly to keep your trees healthy and to give them a long life. A tree trimming maintenance program also helps to keep the branches cut back and prevents branches from damaging or blowing into overhead lines and falling on your home or cars.

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Tree Removal Services Waukesha

From huge oak trees to small holly bushes, the complete removal of trees is a specialty of Burns Tree & Landscaping. The size, age, and condition of the tree will determine the method and equipment used for its removal, but we are ready for any situation and our trained staff knows exactly what to do to safely extract any tree. With the aid of guided ropes and scientific cutting angles, trees are cut into pieces and aimed to fall in precise locations that are out of harm's way. Safety is our #1 priority here so we can always ensure the safest tree removal possible. Once a tree has been removed, the remaining stump is quickly and efficiently extracted using one of Burns Tree & Landscaping stump grinders. Alternatively, the stump can be left intact, at the customer's request. We leave your yard clean and tree free every time.

Reasons to remove trees with our tree removal services

There are many reasons a tree needs removed, but the main two are the tree has died or you are clearing your property. Our stump grinding allows us to remove trees and stumps of most sizes. We can work with homeowners, home builders, business owner's, management companies and anyone who needs trees removed or stumps removed. We have the capability to completely remove your tree including the tree stump.

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Tree Removal Services by Burns Tree Trimming Service in Waukesha Wisconsin

Land Clearing Brush and Tree Removal by Burns Tree Trimming Service in Waukesha Wisconsin

Land Clearing and Tree Clearing Waukesha

For lots of any size, especially useful with new construction, clearing of trees, shrubs, brush, plants, bushes, trunks, stumps, and other obstacles is accomplished in an expedient manner so you can get going on your new project as soon as possible. Heavy rain, snow, wind, hail, or ice storm damage often leaves properties cluttered with fallen trees and unwanted debris, so we have teams ready to come on a moments notice to come clean up all unwanted debris. Burns Tree & Landscaping Tree Service has extensive experience and training in efficiently clearing properties down to the soil and readying them for future projects or remedying the destruction caused by Mother Nature!

Call us today at (262) 970-9092 for a free estimate.

Land Clearing Services offered by Burns Tree

  • ✦ Tree and Stump Removal
  • ✦ Land Development
  • ✦ Lot & Site Preparation
  • ✦ Grading Services
  • ✦ Removal of Brush and Shrubs
  • ✦ Tree Trimming

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